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//Konica Minolta Bizhub 1100
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The bizhub PRO 1100 black and white digital printing press delivers real value to your print production environment: high-speed 100 ppm B&W output, high paper and toner capacity, standard built-in print controller and a compact footprint to save space on your production floor.

Depakote buy from uk, Order Depakote

  • High-speed print/copy output of 100 ppm B&W
  • Standard dual color scanner provides high-speed simultaneous double-sided color scanning
  • 1200 x 1200 DPI resolution with advanced LED technology for smoother halftones
  • Job ticket editing and page editing from 15” touch-screen display for simple on-board press control
  • Job Centro and hot folder capabilities for job management and workflow
  • Simitri® HD toner with biomass to reduce environmental impact
  • 9,000-sheet maximum paper capacity to handle the longest press runs with less reloading
  • Accepts paper sizes up to 12 x 18” and weights up to 350 gsm, duplex capability up to 300 gsm
  • Built-in print controller, flexible scanning to email, FTP, SMB, HDD, and TWAIN scanning
  • Scan to and print from USB drive