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//Konica Minolta Bizhub C227
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The bizhub C227 multifunction color printer provides productivity features to speed your output economically, including 22 ppm color printing, plus scanning, powerful finishing options for right-size scalability and an enhanced control panel that features a new mobile connectivity area.

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  • The bizhub C227 multifunction color printers from Konica Minolta has a print/copy output of up to 28 ppm to help keep pace with growing workloads
  • Features a multi-touch interface for intuitive control — with LEDs that allow visual confirmation from a distance, plus optional voice guidance system to provide audible control instructions
  • Our award-winning interface now has a mobile touch area to support NFC
  • Enhance your productivity with control-panel access to downloadable apps from the bizhub MarketPlace
  • An optional 10-key pad provides hard keys to make numerical entry quick and sure
  • Built-in print control with universal printer driver for productivity right out of the box